We don’t know if we love flowers very much because we are emotional or their vivid colors or fragrances, but the presence of plants in our living spaces gives us peace. Unfortunately, these vivid colors and fragrance in bouquet flowers are not lasting for a long time and our favorite flower deteriorates in a short time, so how can we preserve the colorful images and fragrances of our plants? Here, potted flower varieties save us from this troubled situation.

We all want to decorate our gardens and balconies with colorful flowers, unfortunately this situation is not possible in urban life, even in our homes, we can grow potted flowers in our offices. In this article we wanted to share the names and features of the potted flower. We hope it will be a pleasant article that can help you.

Types of Potted Flowers

Let’s take a look at the potted varieties we have compiled for you and their features:


types of potted flowers

We wanted to start with the most popular flower orchids. Orchids grow in Anatolia and its different species in the Five Finger Mountains of Cyprus, although they can be grown as greenhouses and potted flowers. Orchids are among the hard-to-care plants, as well as their elegant and elegant appearance and magnificent smell.

If you want to grow long-term orchids purchase, there are elements that should be considered rather than beautiful appearance. Large orchids should be preferred when buying orchids, large orchids are more easily adapted to the home. The petals of the flowers should not be preferred because the orchids with spots and spots may be sick. If your preferred potted orchid is the orchid you need to check the roots before buying the roots are black or dark brown dead root and should not be taken. When choosing your orchid, you should prefer the orchids with the buds rather than the mature ones, because the fully opened leaves will fall into the spill phase. You can find detailed information about Orchids in our Orchid Guide.


types of potted flowers

Violets can be grown in many places and grow mostly in the northern hemisphere. There are between 400 and 500 species of violet. The violets we look at in our houses are called as African violets. Another known violet varieties are pansy, mountain violet and Algerian violet. In addition to being herbaceous plants, violets are the most preferred type of potted flowers in the houses with their pinkish and purple colored heart-shaped leaves. It is a potted flower that can live for many years while it is beautifully maintained.

Violets like light but should not be exposed to direct sunlight and should be looked at in an airy and humid environment. Violet is a nostalgic plant for us, in our childhood our mothers used to grow violets on the balcony, on the sides of kitchen windows. Did you think how healthy the flowers of violets grown in the kitchen are? The cooking of the kitchen and the steam coming out of the teapot humidify the air is a major factor in our violet being a healthy plant. Violets like water, lime-free water should always be watered so that the soil remains moist, but the leaves and flowers should never be soaked. You can reach Violet Guide on what to pay attention to when growing violets and violets.


types of potted plants

Roses are among the potted flowers that can be grown in the garden and balcony with their elegance, breathtaking beauties. Roses, which have been able to survive for many years, have symbolized love for centuries and have been the subject of legends, songs and poems.

Roses love daylight and are not damaged even if they receive direct sunlight. When watering, the stem and thorns should be wetted except for the flower petals. Here you can find detailed information about pruning / reproduction of roses.

Snake Plant

types of potted plants

The snake plant (sword flower), whose motherland is West Africa, is also called “the sword of the Prophet.. Besides its aesthetically elegant appearance, sword flower is one of the most preferred indoor potted flower types with its effortless maintenance. The snake plant which can survive even in the absence of air, water, and light, can survive for many years and can be easily reproduced. Snake plant likes direct sunlight and moist air, and grows fast if it gets enough light. In irrigation, if it is very hot in summer, it will be enough to irrigate twice a week in winter and once a week. When the gladioli develops sufficiently, they bloom in a small fragrant flower in white / green and red tones.


It is one of the indispensable pot flowers with its colorful flowers and pleasant smell. Although more than 80 species of carnation is known as open-air flower, it is often preferred in homes because it is easy to grow. Carnations don’t like heat and love light. Temperature directly affects clove growth, flower formation, leaf stem shapes and color. Water-loving potted flower cloves should be given water as the soil dries, leaves and flowers should be moistened regularly. You can find detailed information about carnations here.


potted flower types

Flower of dreams begonias are also very preferred potted flower varieties. There are also begonia genus consisting only of leaves and these genera are also preferred in indoor pots. Begonias should not receive light directly and should not be exposed to wind. Bougainvilleas bloom in summer.


Succulent is one of the types of potted plants hat entered our lives in recent years and settled in our houses and offices with its stylish and cute appearance. It is a potted flower belonging to the succulent cactus family, meaning ”thornless cactus“ with its essence and water. They are very preferred potted flowers because they are easy to care for and can be grown in any environment. Succulents love light and do not need water. Watering your water once a week is enough. You can find detailed information about succulent cultivars and succulent cultivation here.

Bonsai Tree

types of potted plants

Bonsai is a far eastern plant and a miniature tree. Bonsai literally means ağaç tree in flowerpot.. Despite the size of the Bonsai plant structure is the same as normal-sized trees. These miniature trees do not like direct sunlight and must be protected from cold and wind. The bonsai plant, which loves humid air, should be very careful about the irrigation and the soil should not be allowed to dry. You can find more information about Bonsai tree here.

Potted flowers are often preferred as a gift today. It is one of the options that we can buy as gifts for loved ones on special days. However, it may also be a disadvantage for you to be on the top of the list when searching for gifts. Everyone has received a few potted flowers as a gift in his life. Reports show that repetitive gifts make the impression that, unlike remembering, there is no thought or time spent. For example, how much of the gifts are sent to a new friend? Quite a part. As Muhiku, we bring innovative solutions to gift options. You can take a look at the wonderful surprises you can make to your loved ones by standing out from your preferred options for gifts until today.