Succulents have become common plants in homes and offices. We often see succulents in the terrarium. However, we think we do not know how to do succulent care. We have compiled tips for you to care for succulents.

How much water is needed for succulents? Watering Succulents

Succulents should not water much. Too much water-repellent succulents very watering can cause rotting. Watering once a week is enough. Irrigate once a week and only water so that the soil gets wet. Do not cause the bottom of the lake to be like. You can water with spray.

How much light do succulents want?

Succulents likes bright light. They can be grown both inside and outside. The light can grow in a bright environment, but you should take care not to get direct sunlight for a long time.

After learning the hints at home for succulent care, let’s share a few details about the cultivation of succulents in the garden.

Recommendations for succulent care in the garden

You can use succulents to create a little oasis in your gardens. Succulents can have a wide variety of tissues and colors. You can also grow succulent in any kind of pot and field. It is only necessary to take care of a few points while maintaining the waters.

First of all, be careful not to water as much as in the same house. It may be better if you grow in a protected area but in a sheltered area.

Less water will smear the leaves. If you water too much, they will rot. Watering once a week is enough.

In winter, you should give less water while maintaining succulent care. Avoid watering when the sun is less and there is snow or rain.

If you live in a humid area because the succulent will already get the moisture needed from the air, give it much less water.

If the leaves of the succulent get a brown color, it is burned from the sun. Move the pots to a place where it is more sunlight.

If succulent’s leaves are pale, it means getting less sun. Move to a slightly more sunny area.

You now have the information you need to know about succulent care. Don’t miss our how to care for succulents article. I hope you can design beautiful succulent gardens from each other.