How to Care for Succulents

Succulent care and succulents are a very popular hobby in recent years. How and why it is so popular is the subject of great curiosity, which puts people on a small journey into the world of tiny plants. First of all the Succulent plants are quite easy and almost everyone can do it. And because it does not occupy much space in the environment, it can be placed in the hall, bedroom, kitchen and office. That’s why it’s an effort that everyone can easily do.

Let’s step into the world of succulents together

Ingredients for Succulents Garden

* Small pebbles

* Soil mixture used for growing Succulents or cactus

* Swamp moss for filtering

* Coal for filtration

* The kind of Succulents you want

* To decorate moss, stone, ball etc. objects such as

Succulent Placement Tips

First we need a pot. However, you can grow succulents in a desired container. I mean, it could even be an ice cream box. This issue is up to your taste.

Fill the flower pot. First put the pebbles, then the coal, then the moss and finally the soil.

This is about your creativity. You can sort the succulents as you want.

Decorate. Neon lights, patterned rocks, different marbles, marbles… You can decorate any way you can think of.

Be creative. You can grow the Succulents with any plant you want. So you can even sow onions next to the Succulents. This is you too. The possibilities are endless!

If you buy the Succulents kit you won’t have to pick up the materials you need to create Succulents one by one. Especially if you have new curiosity kits, you can work as much as you want if you choose the materials yourself.

Tips for Succulent Care

Do not over water the sludges. Because these plants can not hold much water. By giving them too much water, you are not evil, but evil. The best method for irrigation is once a week. Water once a week and do not drown in water. Let the soil get wet, but not the lake.

Bright light is good. Succulents are plants that can be grown both at home and abroad. Wherever you decide, be careful not to let the Succulents light, but keep it in direct sunlight for a long time.

Remember, it is important to gain experience in succulent cultivation. Try to make different Succulents types and arrangements. The more you try, the more different and useful things you learn.

Succulents Decorating Tips

Add color. Succulents themselves are beautiful in color, but it may be great to add some bright and bright color objects in addition to these green plant lets. It may be good to have the object colored and vividly whatever you planted in your flowerpot or succulents. You can also add neon lights in the form of glass spheres, balls, chains in addition to the succulents.

Stylize with objects. Putting different objects next to Succulents brings a nice breath to your succulents garden. Moss, small pebbles, patterned objects, glass particles (green soda bottle fractures can be super!) Can add a special air to your succulent garden and there is no harm to such objects as long as you don’t overdo it.

Be free about pots. He said that succulents can grow almost everywhere. For this reason, do not be limited to only classic earthenware. You can try different colored, different shapes boxes. There are no strict rules when it comes to Succulents. Relax and above all, have fun.

Give your home a new feel. If you put the succulent on the dining table or coffee table, you will see that the atmosphere of the house changes immediately. With a few Succulents pots, which you can call a miniature oasis, you will see that your room becomes a warmer home.

Color your parties with succulents. Succulents will have a positive effect on having a good time with your friends at home. The Succulents inside the glass fan adds depth to the space and color the environment. In addition, you have also guessed that the succulents will have a very elegant appearance at weddings and especially at wedding weddings.

Remember, there is no rule if the subject is succulent. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, you can add a breath of fresh air to your living spaces.

Tips to Equip Your Garden with Succulents

Now that we talk about the key issues in Succulents cultivation and care, we can now turn to making your garden a Succulents paradise. Creating your own Succulents garden is very enjoyable and much easier than you think. Now we offer some tips that can be useful to cultivate your own garden succulents.

Choose different types of succulents for your garden. Succulents have very different tissues and shapes. So there is definitely a Succulents for every taste. These miniature plants, which do not require much watering, will allow you to perform different experiments.